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Welcome to my site! Let me introduce myself and tell you about my art.  I grew up in Northwest Oklahoma and eventually went to college at Oklahoma State University and earned my Bachelor of Art degree.
I do original art and I am an Artist for Hire! My art is eclectic as well as the mediums I use. I paint in acrylic, acrylic wash, watercolor, oil, and I also do pencil and colored pencils. My newest technique is Dry Brushed Oil Drawings. If you haven’t heard of this technique check out my page on Dry Brushed Oil Drawings.
I just finished an oil poryrait workshop with the renowned portraitist Mark Carder and alsoa workshop with flower artist Brian Davis. I like to paint gardens/landscapes, animals and portraits.
My Career
I have been published three times now. The most current is North Light Book’s “Strokes of Genius 8” released October 2016. It can be found on Amazon or North Light Books websites. “Neoisms and Other Stuff” by Arlene Adams, RN, BSN was my first illustrating job that was published and can be found on Amazon.com. My next publication came through another wonderful author. Robert Jordan wrote “The Wheel of Time” series published by TOR. I fell in love with these books and when I heard he was having an art competition for a “Wheel of Time” calendar, I jumped at the chance! Mr. Jordan had a rare blood disorder and the sales from the calendar were to go to research for it. He picked the winning 12 entries, and then sadly, he passed away a few days later. I can’t say how honored I was that he chose my painting for the month of August, 2009.
I have a 1/4th down payment required before I start painting. You can choose either making payments, final payment due when painting is finished; or paying the total amount still due when painting is finished. I send photo(s) depending on what you prefer as I paint. If changes are required I allow 2 before I add an additional cost. If you do not want the painting in the end no final payment is required, but 1/4th down payment is not refunded. I will paint pets, people, even your house or landscape scene.

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2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Met you in Woodward and asked you about putting some art in a show in Okc. Have given your info to Diane Goldschmidt who is getting the show together. This year is filled but next year is coming fast! Love your stuff!!

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